Giveaways and Reviews!

So while I was taking a break from my tedious math assignments I was wandering around and decided even though this blog is brand-spanking new I am going to do a giveaway. I was thinking about just having a giveaway to (US residents only – sorry guys, there will be international giveaways in the upcoming weeks/months so hang tight). I’m using this giveaway as a kickoff essentially. So any thoughts what would you guys like to win? The collector’s version of Insurgent? What about a copy of The Raven Boys? (the book I am currently reading and it’s fantastic!) Or how about a copy of Under the Never Sky? Or Shatter Me? Let me know what you think. Christmas will be upon us soon so I figured I might as well just keep the love of books and give a book away, and make it a regular occurrence. Also for anyone interested, if you would like to do a google hang-out and chat about books I’m also up for that, as well as other people who’d like to join me and blog about their adventures 🙂


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