Book Haul and Book Recommends

Took down the earlier vid…it was way too long. So here’s a much shorter concise version of my book haul..and some organized *GASP* recommends. This weeks topics are: angels and dystopian with 1 miscellaneous title


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2 responses to “Book Haul and Book Recommends”

  1. CanaryTheFirst says :

    I loved the concept of Cinder, but wished the references to the original Cinderella story were more integrated and less as if the author was going down a checklist. Divergent had me and my partner-in-crime, theothercanary, titling a book review “The importance of a socio-economically viable premise in dystopian world-building.”

    Shatter Me sounds intriguing…

    • insomniacbookworm says :

      I agree as far as Cinder is concerned, but I’m hoping the next installment the elements of those tales will be more integrated. So we’ll see. Also I’m not saying Divergent was just mind-blowing and brought up these amazing points..because it didn’t. It was one of those books I read for pleasure. It wasn’t like the Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison or As I Lay Dying by: William Faulkner. But I found the book overall a rather entertaining read. I read your review of Divergent..and I agree when it comes to the romance blooming between her and Four. Completely agree it’s weird and meh. I have yet to read Insurgent but I enjoy Veronica Roth’s writing, so will read it when I get the moment.
      Shatter Me I could not put down…simple enough. It was one of those books I just read in a single sitting.

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